Anselm Feuerbach, Medea, 1870
Anselm Feuerbach, Medea, 1870

Collection Presentation

A Meeting of minds

Works from the Neue Pinakothek at the Sammlung Schack

Sammlung Schack
10/20/21 — 12/31/24

After four decades of unbroken use as a museum and exhibition space, the Neue Pinakothek (rebuilt in its current form in the 1970s) has had to shut its doors for extensive renovation and modernization work due to last several years. During this period, selected major works of 19th century painting and sculpture from its collection will be on display in the Alte Pinakothek and at the Sammlung Schack. Selected highlights range from key works of Neoclassicism and Romanticism to the dawn of Modernism.

The Neue Pinakothek is home to a string of famous paintings by such 19th century German artists as Carl Spitzweg, Moritz von Schwind, Carl Rottmann, Arnold Böcklin, and Anselm Feuerbach. In the Sammlung Schack, these works now join other canvases by the same artists that were acquired by Count Adolf Friedrich von Schack for his gallery around 150 years ago. In the Sammlung Schack, the paintings now stand in an exciting dialogue with each other and shed light on an important facet of the 19th century (art) history. In our guided tours we allow participants to hear the pictures speak to the studios they came from and other shared histories. Why did Count Schack collect certain subjects by these artists again and again? What are the special characteristics of these works, some which were created in Munich, some in Rome and elsewhere?