Neue Pinakothek

Neue Pinakothek

Neue Pinakothek

Renovation of the Neue Pinakothek

Dear visitors,

The Neue Pinakothek is undergoing major renovation. Therefore, the museum is currently closed. The reopening is planned for 2029. During this time, a selection of important works of 19th century art will be on display on the ground floor of the Alte Pinakothek and in the Sammlung Schack (Schack Collection). Currently exhibited works can be found listed in our Online Collection.

For the latest information on the renovation of the Neue Pinakothek, please visit the website of the Staatliches Bauamt.

"I am delighted that the plans, which are already well advanced, can take final shape in the near future, because in a few years' time the wonderful radiance of the collection will once again be able to attract large crowds of visitors in a building that has been made ready for the future."

Bernhard Maaz, Director General of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen

Current Exhibitions in the Alte Pinakothek

Current Exhibitions in the Sammlung Schack

Online Collection

Online Collection

With the Online Collection, the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen (Bavarian State Painting Collections) have been presenting their entire art collection since 2017: 25,000 works of art in Bavaria, Germany and Europe on one platform! It is thus possible for everyone interested to gain an overview not only of the works of art on display in the Munich museums and the branch galleries in Bavaria, but also of the deposited artworks (17,000 works) and more than 4,000 permanent loans from the Munich collection, which are located at more than 400 locations in institutions, some of which are open to the public.

Today’s Neue Pinakothek opened its doors in 1981 and replaces the previous building dating back to 1853 that was destroyed in the Second World War. Ludwig I. had commissioned the construction, which was designed by Friedrich Gärtner und August Voit and to stand on the site opposite the Alte Pinakothek, as a gallery for his collection of contemporary painting. His vision was to facilitate a dialogue between the art of his day and the Old Masters, who were seen as role models.  Whereas Leo von Klenze’s Alte Pinakothek was rebuilt by Hans Döllgast after the Second World War, the ruins of the Neue Pinakothek were demolished and replaced by a modern, new building in accordance with the plans of Alexander von Branca. Until the building's closure for renovation in 2019, it housed the Neue Pinakothek Gallery as well as the administration of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen (Bavarian State Painting Collections) and the Doerner Institute. The exterior of Branca’s Neue Pinakothek was sometimes criticized because of the striking references to historical form and style elements. However, the interior is undisputedly regarded as one of the best museum buildings of the post-war period in Germany thanks to the richly varied sequence of outstandingly well lit rooms oriented to meet the requirements of the works on display.

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