Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Dear visitors,

Our museums are places where safety, care, and protection have always been a vital concern. By closing the museums, we helped in protecting the general public against a worsening of the COVID 19 pandemic. Now with the gradual reopening of cultural institutions in Bavaria, we’re here for you once again. To ensure that you can enjoy your visit safely and again experience the much-cherished originals in our collections, we have compiled a quick checklist of answers to some frequently asked questions.

Please remember one important thing: foremost in our minds is the health of each and every one of our visitors and staff. In the current sitution, our top priority is to protect and preserve not just the works of art but also the health of all those visiting and working in our museums. For this reason, we kindly ask that you observe the now-standard hygiene measures and practices while visiting us.

Stay in good health!

FAQs on protective measures to help contain COVID-19

The poster "How to protect yourself and others in the museum" can be downloaded as PDF

Which museums are reopening, and when?

All our Museums are open again. You can find the opening hours on our website.

What crowd-control measures are in place?

We request your active assistance and alertness in helping us comply with the physical distancing regulations. Please avoid lingering for too long in front of specific artworks if you notice that there are others waiting to get closer. We ask that you be keenly aware of other visitors queuing and clustering, especially at the ticket counters, information desks, or restrooms. To avoid unsafe crowding, you may be asked to briefly wait before entering certain exhibition galleries. In such cases, please pay attention to the gallery stewards’ instructions – our stewards are there to protect the art and to protect you.

What restrictions are in place for visitors?

The state government of Bavaria has issued clear restrictions on the movement of individuals which also apply to museum visits: Anyone who has had contact with a person sickened with COVID-19 within the last fortnight (14 days) is prohibited from visiting public venues. This also applies to anyone feeling sick themselves, even when they believe the symptoms are mild.

Do I have to bring my own mask?

The wearing of a mouth and nose protector is mandatory. We ask you to bring your own mask and to wear it already when entering the building and during your entire stay.

How exactly will the physical distancing rules be implemented?

For security reasons, the number of visitors will be reduced until further notice in accordance with current legal requirements. Please avoid rooms in which several people are already staying. In the entrance area, in front of the cash desks, the lifts and sanitary facilities, on the stairs and cloakrooms as well as in the shops, floor markings or signs with instructions have been placed.

Are any additional hygiene measures in place?

The cleaning intervals have been increased in all our museums. Contact surfaces have been reduced to a bare minimum.

Do the normal ticket prices apply?

Ticket prices have not changed. You can find information on regular discounts and concessions on our website.

How do I get my ticket?

Tickets are available at the ticket desks on the day of the visit and can be paid for using cashless and contactless card payments.

Are group visits possible?

Visits for groups or guided tours with a maximum of seven people (including the leading person) are possible from Tuesday to Saturday in compliance with the measures listed here, but not on Sundays. In case of visits by groups of children, this also includes a person subject to supervision. Please register your visit via buchung@pinakothek.de. If you would like to book a guided tour, please fill in the booking form on our website. When participating in guided tours and group visits, please leave your contact details at the information desk before your visit.

Can I check items of clothing and bags?

The cloakrooms are no longer open. Instead, only a limited number of lockers are available. We therefore recommend that on the day of your visit you avoid bringing rucksacks and larger bags (any bag larger than an A4 sheet of paper). Large items of luggage cannot be stored. You will need to have a coin of 1 or 2 Euro at hand as deposit to use the locker.
In the Sammlung Schack, there is an open cloakroom that visitors may use. (Please note: we do not accept any liability for lost valuables.) Bags and rucksacks will be taken by staff at the ticket desk in the Sammlung Schack and placed in the store cupboard.

Are audio guides still available?

From 01.08.2020 you can rent the audio guide in the Alte Pinakothek and Museum Brandhorst. We recommend that you bring your own headphones. 
As an alternative, you can access the audio guide to selected works of the Alte Pinakothek free of charge as a web app with your own smartphone and headphones: Audio Guide
The audio guide also includes works exhibited on the ground floor of the Neue Pinakothek and is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish (Alte Pinakothek only). 
You can also access the audio guide on site free of charge and without contact by means of a QR code, which you can obtain at the information counter. In the foyer of the Alte Pinakothek you will find a free public WiFi hotspot. 

Are there guided tours?

Please inform yourself at www.pinakothek.de/programm about offers of art education. When participating in guided tours, please leave your contact details at the information desk before your visit.

Are the gift shop and museum café open?

The museum gift shops and the cafés are open. Here too, the generally binding hygiene rules apply that are currently in place across the Free State of Bavaria – please follow the instructions on the day of your visit. 


Last updated: 30 July 2020.