The way we were. GERMAN PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE 1970s

Gabriele und Helmut Nothhelfer
Familie am Tag der offenen Tür der US-AIR-Force auf dem Flugfeld Tempelhof, Berlin 1975 / Family attending the US Air Force open-day at Tempelhof airport, Berlin 1975
© Gabriele und Helmut Nothhelfer


The way we were. GERMAN PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE 1970s

Pinakothek der Moderne
Sammlung Moderne Kunst


November 2019-February 2020

At the centre of this extensive exhibition and research project with several hundred works by well-known and still-to-be-discovered artists is the photography of West Germany in the 1970s.

Picking up on the tradition of the documentary style, the so-called ‘author-photographers‘ place photography in a contemporary art context. While they attentively capture the reality of everyday life in the German Federal Republic, painters and sculptors explore the visual potential of photographic pictures, challenging conventional notions of the image and integrating these in their frequently socio-critical works spanning a number of different genres.